RC Products


We offer 3 models of tail wheels. They all feature carbon fiber springs that are made in compression molds and cured in an autoclave. there are three different spring dimensions. All of our tail wheels have identical yoke and wheel assemblies.


Our main gear wheels are CNC machined from 6061 billet aluminum. They are offered in multiple spoke styles. Photos can be seen in the Gallery.  Most of our wheels come with tires especially molded for us in molds we manufactured in our shop. They have a tougher skin than our competitors offer and are more resistant to rolling under during sharp turns.


We have added a line of prop washers that double as nose weight. They are 2 inches in diameter machined from steel. They are available in 4.5 and 6 ounce weights. This is the best place for nose weight to get the maximum CG shift for the least added weight. Generally speaking, installing our 6 ounce prop washer is equivalent to taking 3 ounces off the tail.



We are offering mixture adjustment screws for the Walbro WJ-71-1, WB - 27 and HDA-22 carburetors. These will work on the DA 60, 85, 100, 120, 150 and 170. They feature an allen head recess rather then the standard screw driver slot. This makes it much easier to adjust the mixture, especially if you are doing it through a hole in the side of the cowling. There is a 45 degree taper leading into the allen recess as well. The allen recess also allows up to 35 degrees of angularity so you don't have to be square onto the needle.

We also have available extended reach Allen ball drivers that make it possible to adjust your WRE mixture needles without removing the cowl.


We do our best to supply top quality products. Our small size enables us to handle requests for returns, shipping damage, or back orders on a case by case basis. Generally the following terms will apply.

  1. Shipping damage must be handled with the shipper. We generally ship everything with delivery confirmation.

  2. If you order a product that is temporarily out of stock we will contact you so you can decide if you want to accept a back order status or cancel the order.

  3. We do not refund shipping and handling charges and a 20% restocking fee applies to all returns.

  4. Returned items are for store credit only and must be received by WRE within 30 days of purchase.

We welcome you to contact us before you place an order to be sure we are both on the same page. Out of stock or back order or wrong item situations can be avoided this way as well.