Main Gear Wheels

We are proud to introduce a line of main gear wheels to complement out tail wheel products. They are all machined from 6061 billet aluminum to high precision tolerances. Our top of the line wheels feature 5 spokes with the tires recessed well into the rims for excellent stability and ground handling. These tires stay on the rims and do not roll under or scrape the wheel pants. Our wheels feature Igus lubricant impregnated bushings on both sides. They can be seen in the top pictures at right.

They are available in 5", 4.5” , 4”, and 3 .5" diameter. The 5" and 4.5” diameter wheels are 1.25” wide and weigh less than 5.5 ounces each. The 4” and 3.5" diameter wheels are 1” wide and weigh less than 4.0 and 2.3 ounces each. The 5.5" through the 4.0” wheels are designed for the ¼” titanium axles. The 3.5" wheels come with 3/16" hub bushings set up for our 3/16 titanium axles.

The 1/4" titanium axles are designed to provide 3 wheel positions or spacing from the landing gear strut. This should give plenty of flexibility for centering the wheel in the wheel pants. The wheel is retained with "C" clips that snap into grooves machined in the axles. Two 1/4" aluminum spacers are provided with each axle to accommodate the wheel positioning previously described. The end of the axles are drilled and tapped for 6-32 SHCS which can be used to support the outside of the wheel pants while still allowing their easy removal.

Brakes - These are for those of you that fly from hard surface runways and have a problem keeping your plane taxiing slow enough for safe operation. They will also shorten the landing roll out. The brakes are on all the time, not controllable with the radio. You manually adjust the amount of drag to suit your particular situation.

The brakes are designed to be used with any of our wheels which are 4 1/2" in diameter or larger and are a simple bolt on installation. The weight is less than 1.7 ounces per wheel. If you replace the normal steel axles and plastic/sponge wheels with our wheels and titanium axles you can have the brakes with no additional weight gain.

5 1/2" Six Spoke Wheels (pair) for 1/4" axles -DISCONTINUED -


5 1/2" Spiral Spoke Wheels (pair) for 1/4" axles -DISCONTINUED -

5" Spiral Spoke Wheels (pair) for 1/4" axles $140.00
5" Six Spoke Wheels (pair) for 1/4" axles $137.00
4 1/2 " Five Spoke Wheel (pair ) for 1/4" axles $130.00
4.0" Five spoke Wheels (pair) for 1/4" axles $105.00
3 1/2" Four Spoke Wheels (pair) uses 3/16 axles $84.00
Replacement Tire 5" $20.00
Replacement Tire 4.5" $18.00
Replacement Tire 4" $16.00
Replacement Tire 3.5" $14.00

1/4" Titanium axles  (pair) used with 5 1/2", 5", 4 1/2", and 4" wheels

Dimensions & drawing

Installing "C" clips on Ti axles


3/16" Titanium axles  (pair) used with 3 1/2" wheels

Dimensions & Drawing

Installing "C" clips on Ti axles


Brakes  (pair)

Not available for 4" and 3.5" wheels

Brake installation Instructions

Bushings  (pair) 1/4 inch for one wheel $7.00
Bushings  (pair) 3/16 inch for one wheel $7.00
"C" Clips, three (3) $9.00

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The six spoke wheel has a very low profile tire look and is 5" in diameter.  This is our lightest large diameter wheel at 5 ounces. Actual wheel is natural aluminum, not gold.

The spiral spoke wheel has a very low profile tire look with the unique spiral spokes.  This wheel weighs 5 ounces and is 5" in diameter. Actual wheel is natural aluminum, not gold.

3 1/2" diameter, 1" wide wheel for the 20 to 25% planes.  Billet 6061 aluminum and Igus 3/16" bushings, only 2.4 oz. each. Actual wheel is natural aluminum, not gold.


               4" and 4 1/2 " Five Spoke Wheels

                             Titanium axle kits   

Brakes installed