Prop Washer


We have added a line of prop washers that double as nose weight. They are 2 inches in diameter machined from steel. They are available in 4.7 and 6.3 ounce weights. This is the best place for nose weight to get the maximum CG shift for the least added weight. Generally speaking, installing our 6 ounce prop washer is equivalent to taking 2 ounces off the tail.

It is very important to check the amount of prop bolt projecting into the prop drive hub. There should be at least 3/8" of bolt projecting from the back of the prop or spinner. We do counter sink the holes for the prop bolts. This means you will have as much bolt protruding into the prop driver on the front of the engine with the heavy washer as you do with your stock DA or 3W washer.


Heavy Washer DA, DLE or 3W 50, 60 & 70     6.3 oz. $37.00
Heavy Washer DA, DLE or 3W 100 & 120     6.3 oz. $37.00
Heavy Washer DA, DLE or 3W 150    5.0 oz. $37.00
Heavy Washer DA, DLE or 3W 170   6.3 oz. $39.00
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