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Mixture Screws

We are offering mixture adjustment screws for the Walbro WJ-71-1 carburetor. These will work on the DA 85, 100 and 120. The Walbro WB-27 is used on the DA 150 and 170 and we have mixture screws for these as well. Our latest addition is mixture screws for the Walbro HDA-22 which is used on the DA-60. They feature an Allen head recess rather then the standard screw driver slot. This makes it much easier to adjust the mixture, especially if you are doing it through a hole in the side of the cowling. There is a 45 degree taper leading into the allen recess as well. The Allen recess also allows up to 35 degrees of angularity so you don't have to be square onto the needle. The adjustment screws are pictured at bottom right.

We can also provide extended length (10") ball end Allen screw drivers that will reach through the cowl and easily reach the adjustment screws. The high end screw uses a 1/8" allen and the idle screw uses 3/32". If you have the right screw driver in your hand you cannot adjust the wrong screw.

DA Engine Mounts

We have personally broken lugs off our DA 100L 's engine mount and two other guys at our field have had the same problem with their DA 120's. DA says this is due to improper mounting and from an academic stand point that's true. The problem is we are not mounting the engine to a rigid flat surface. One answer is to acknowledge the airframes short comings and make the mount plate more robust. We have done that.

While we were at it we thought we would make the entire mounting system more robust and correctly aligned. Everything is machined to lock together with all mating surfaces parallel and true. This is the best way to keep things tight in a high vibration environment. We have two mount plates, one with no thrust offset and one with two degrees of thrust offset.

In an attempt to make one of the real PITA projects a lot easier we are offering a spinner alignment fixture. It keys into the mount plate and exactly replicates the locaton of the engine prop driver. You bolt your spinner back plate on the alignment fixture and position the whole shooting match right on the cowl spinner ring. Hot stuff the aluminum firewall plate in place and use it as a drill guide for the firewall bolts. Perfect spinner alignment in minutes. We have machined offset spacers to make any length you need down to 1/16" precision. There is a 1/8" spinner gap built into the alignment fixture.




Allen Head Mixture Screws  DA 150-170 $39.00
Allen Head Mixture Screws DA-60-70 $39.00
Extended Reach Allen Screw Driver Sets  1/8" & 3/32 $36.00
DA Engine Mount Plates    
Heavy Duty Mount plate, DA 100 & 120 $46.00
Two degree offset HD Mount Plate, DA 100 & 120 $74.00

Firewall Nut Plate DA-85

Goes behind firewall


Firewall Nut Plate DA-100 - 120

Goes behind firewall


Firewall Nut Plate DA 150-170

Goes behind firewall

Standoffs 3/4" long (4 ) $12.00
Standoffs 1/2" long ( 4 ) $12.00
Stanfoffs 1/4" long ( 4 ) $12.00
Standoffs 1/8" long ( 4 ) $12.00
Standoffs 1/16" long ( 4 ) $12.00
Loctite 242  .017 fl. oz. $ 4.50
All prices plus shipping & handling


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The two degree HD Offset Mount provides exactly two degrees of thrust offset if your firewall does not provide it. This is the front view.

Here is the back of the two degree HD Offset Mount.

The flat HD mount for firewall's that have the right thrust built into them.


Allen Head mixture screws

Firewall Nut Plate back

Firewall Nut Plate Front